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Winter Trees

Today looked like the shapes and shadows of trees:
an intersection of lines and curves,
a canopy of reaching branches.

 Sun and Trees

Line of Trees

Tree Canopy

In case you wondered, New England is still covered in feet of snow,
but it can’t stop this little soul from hiking through the forest and breathing in the winter air.


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The quiet wonder of Advent

Today looked like a quiet corner for reading,
simple objects for gentle inspiration,
and the sweet brightness of color in winter.

Reading Nook



Julian of Norwich says that

The soul must perform two duties:
the first is to always wonder and be surprised.
The second is to endure,
always taking pleasure in God.

This season, I pray that your Advent souls
may find wonder in the small, ordinary spaces of life;
may be present enough to each day to notice surprise after surprise;
may be strong in the face of sorrow, confusion, and darkness;
and may continue to soak up the pleasure of being loved by God.



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a walk in the woods

Log Mushroom

Sun on Forest Floor

Black-Eyed Susan

Middlesex Fells Reservoir

Soft Moss

Take any day and be alive in it.
The world is to open. You are alive.
It needn’t have been so.
It wasn’t so once and it will not be so forever.
But it is so now.
(Frederick Buechner)

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July 28, 2013 · 11:03 am