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Winter Trees

Today looked like the shapes and shadows of trees:
an intersection of lines and curves,
a canopy of reaching branches.

 Sun and Trees

Line of Trees

Tree Canopy

In case you wondered, New England is still covered in feet of snow,
but it can’t stop this little soul from hiking through the forest and breathing in the winter air.


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A day at the orchard

This weekend I had the sweet company of friends I hadn’t seen in a while visiting from out of town.

It was refreshing to take a day to drive north, chat about life, and wander around an apple orchard.

The weather was perfect: chilly and slightly rainy, which meant the clouds were magnificent and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

And if the company of friends and a day outside wasn’t enough refreshing for my soul, they had GOATS!

I honestly had to restrain myself from clamoring over the fence to grab this one and take him home.

I think I’m ready to face another week.

Happy Monday, friends! What did you do with your weekend?


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A long walk

In this world without quiet corners, there can be no easy escapes…
from hullabaloo, from terrible, unquiet fuss.
-Salman Rushdie

It’s been rainy in New England.

I’m adjusting still to a new place, a new community, a new home. I needed some time last weekend to wander in the woods and let the quiet seep into my heart.

The clouds feel like welcome friends, come to accompany me on the journey, come to hush the world while I find some space to think.

So I gave myself some extra time in the woods.

It’s a long walk from home to home, from Berkeley to Boston, from leaving to settling in. I still get lost almost every time I leave my block.

And little by little, I let my mental map expand, to include new neighborhoods, new coffee shops, new highways.

But the woods are still home, and I’m restless and unsure until I make my way back to them.

For today, there are no stories to tell.

There are only whispered prayers, and rustling leaves, and long walks in the woods.

How are you escaping the terrible, unquiet fuss this week?

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