My Current Book List

A little fantasy, a little non-fiction: just the way I like it.
Here’s what’s next on my list. What are you reading this year?

Aslan, Zealot

Practice of Spiritual Direction

Hillesum, Interrupted

Rohr, Naked Now

CSFriedman, ColdfireTrilogy

Malazan Book of the Fallen

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2 responses to “My Current Book List

  1. Benjamin Clarke

    Just found your blog today, and wanted to comment SOMEWHERE, but felt out-of-place in the devotional posts.
    You’ll have to tell me what you think about Armstrong’s book–a book whose occasionally beautiful ideas were ruined for me by its frequent disregard for historical facts or the theological history of monotheism. Wishing you the best, as always.

    • Hey Ben! I’m glad you found the blog, and I hope you keep checking back… I’m trying to get some book reviews up soon. When I finally get around to Armstrong, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing some of your reflections. Any suggestions for other books I should put on my short list?

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