One Note Purely

Angel StatueTransformation unfolds widely,
no orderly spirals
contractions and release,
like echoes and shadows, shifting,
the source and reflection confused,

Transformation yields slowly,
pushing itself into palms and heels,
expanding into breadth or
inclining to one side, slightly,
like a limp
that’s subtle and evident.

We are the journeys of our bodies,
bones for frames, hearts for engines,
Yellow Spring Flowercatapulted
through a universe of encounters,
one, after another,
clinging to each other like windmills,
pulling steadily out of grasp,
only to come ’round again in meter,
timed like tides
by some unseen power.

Jesus feet mosaicWe are the gentle vibrations of bells
already rung
in the music of someone else’s life,

not to fade
but to sing one note purely
at the perfect time.

So what else can we do but bow
in honor of yes and no.
What else can we say but
slowly, slowly
we are becoming

(Photos taken at the lovely
Bethany House of Prayer)

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Filed under Lent 2014, Poetry

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