Lenten Questions for Creative Faith

To have faith is already to have come alive.
“Your faith has saved you” (Luke 18:42)
is the way Jesus put it to the blind man.
Faith is the opposite of resentment, cynicism and negativity.
Faith is always, finally, a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Faith actually begins to create what it desires.
Faith always re-creates the good world.
(Richard Rohr, The Good News According to Luke)

Yellow FlowersHow can we cultivate faith — in our individual and communal lives — that creates, that makes something new? A faith that does something.

How can we live a faith that builds, that grows, that evolves, that transforms? A faith that moves over time.

How can we develop a faith that is spacious, that makes space for the other, even the other we don’t like? A faith that is wide and welcoming.

What kinds of rituals do we need — in our churches, in our homes, in our workplaces — to support this kind of creative faith? A faith that is sustainable and practicable.

These are the kinds of questions I am asking this Lent. I want to be dreaming and acting the kind of creative, living faith that isn’t fit for 40 days, but for 40 years. A faith the next generation will inherit and build upon.

What kinds of questions are you asking this Lent? How does your everyday, lived faith remind you that you have already come alive? What prophecies is your faith fulfilling, what desires is it creating?


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