Consider, Little Flock

Jesus said to his disciples…
“Do not worry…
for life is more…
Consider the ravens…
Consider the lilies…
Do not be afraid, little flock…
Your heart will be…”
(from Luke 12:22-34)

Soul Duties

One of my favorite images of God is that of a shepherd over sheep. This is perhaps my favorite term of endearment in all of the gospels that Jesus calls his friends — little flock.

Do not be afraid, little flock, of what will become of your life. Do not be afraid of having too much — you do not need extra storehouses. Do not be afraid of having too little — you are more than ravens and lilies. You are more, and life is more.

Instead of worrying, Jesus tells them, consider. You need not solve, you need not discuss. Just consider. Julian of Norwich writes:

The soul must perform two duties:
the first is to always wonder and be surprised.
The second is to endure, always, taking pleasure in God.

I think of this as I consider the lilies and the ravens. Always wonder, be surprised, endure and take pleasure in God.

Hoarded in Storehouses

There are so many things I have been hoarding in storehouses, desperate for security.

Things like excuses for my behavior, moments of self-righteousness, sentiments of those who think like me. Those excuses, moments, and sentiments are stacked so high, I will never run out.

Unless I return to find them unexpectedly rotten. Unless this very night, my life is demanded of me. Unless I am confronted with the words of Jesus, “Do not worry. Life is more.”

Then more stores will be nothing.

What I Cannot Lose

I remember, for now, that I am sheep, a creature created to yearn for safety and peace, and if I cling too desperately to what I cannot keep, I will be blinded to what I cannot lose.

It is the Shepherd’s pleasure to provide guidance and goodness, treasures beyond the simple protection of planning and hoarding. My heart will be turned in the direction of my treasure, drawn like moth to flame, so what will I chose?

Will I worry? Will I build more storehouses?

Or will I consider? Will I endure in wonder and surprise?


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