Asking for Our Authentic Selves


You delight in truth in my inmost being.
You teach me wisdom in the secret heart.
Psalm 51:6

God not only accepts your deepest, truest self — God delights in your deepest, truest self.

Did you know this?

God is interested in what is most authentically you, no matter how messy or confused or selfish or vulnerable or stuck that you might be.

During Lent, I studied some of the questions Jesus asked during his life, and I was struck by how often he sought to move past the veneer and get at the most genuine, real part of the people to whom he was speaking.

I imagine that Jesus asked “What are you looking for?” and “Do you wish to go away?” and “Do you want to be made well?” because he actually wanted to hear the answers.

These are questions for which there is no right or wrong answer, there is only the real answer of what’s true for the listeners at that moment. They are invitations into further reflection and conversation.

If I find that I don’t actually want to be made well, why not? What is holding me back? What am I valuing more than wellness?

The Psalmist declares that God desires truth in our inmost being. I heard that theme echoed over and over in the questions of Jesus — the desire to know us as we truly are, in the most hidden places of our hearts.

God is asking for our most authentic selves — we have only to answer.


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