Constellations and Beginnings

Goodbye to this constellation

When I said goodbye to my wonderful therapist last week, she said: “We’re not saying goodbye to each other. We’re saying goodbye to our being together in this particular constellation in time.”

No one knows when or how our paths might cross again, but for now, we are parting. We are celebrating our time together and marking its end with tears and hugs.

I’m saying goodbye to many particular constellations in my life right now.

Goodbye to the San Francisco Bay and hello to the Massachusetts Bay. Goodbye to my cozy tiny apartment and hello to life in close community. Goodbye to the children of Oakland public schools and hello to the children of my new church family.

Hello to new beginnings

Moving is difficult and emotional and exciting — especially big moves across entire continents, from one ocean to another.

In this time of new beginnings, I am grateful to remember the wisdom offered by those who have gracefully gone through new beginnings:

There is nothing to fear in the act of beginning.
More often than not it knows the journey ahead better than we ever could.
Perhaps the art of harvesting the secret riches of our lives
is best achieved when we place profound trust in the act of beginning.
Risk may be our greatest ally. … There can be no growth
if we do not remain open and vulnerable to what is new and different.
I have never seen anyone take a risk for growth
that was not rewarded
a thousand times over.
(John O’Donahue, To Bless the Space Between Us, 2)


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