Being Blessed…

Being blessed is

drinking steaming mugs of coffee in morning sunshine,

the feeling of grass under toes, soft cat fur under fingers, warm hands caressing shoulders,

the woosh of breath in and out of lungs that quickens to match the pounding of feet on pavement, the pounding of heart in chest.

Being blessed is

hearing “I love you” and “I’m sorry” and “I understand,”

saying “I love you” and “I’m sorry” and “I understand,”

being hugged by a stranger with soft, wet eyes who has told you their life story before they have even learned your name.

Being blessed is

sharing watermelon and spitting out the seeds all the way to the other end of the yard,

childhood memories of fireworks and oak trees and church pews,

hushed in the glow of stained glass sunshine,

the thrill of connection that comes just from holding his hand.

Being blessed is

the deepness of scripture becoming shallow enough to sink in,

the bad coffee and stale cookies and warm smiles at church potlucks,

the glimmer of God as she sparkles across the ocean waves,

as she swoops in pelican form toward earth,

as she tugs at your heart when you pray: Come, come, and may all our souls be homes.

Being blessed is

crying the kind of sobs that catch in your throat,

clenching your fist in anger when the news is bad,

feeling the pulse of your own power– you are someone who matters,

you are someone who changes.

you are.

Being blessed is being awake, wide and alive and salty.

It is to be created creature, made of mud, called by name, known to the depths of yourself.

It is to be weened from yourself, ushered into mystery, lifted and held in this very moment.

It is to be born, again and again, into goodness.

– – –

Thanks for asking us, Emily, what it means to be blessed!


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  1. Clancy

    I love this, Bristol!

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