A love poem to God

All concepts of God are like a jar
we break,

because only the infinite can
contain our perfect
(St. Teresa of Avila)

God, you are the shards
of what I thought I knew
in the breath before I encountered you.

You are the echoes of knowing
which dissipate,
almost before the thread of consciousness
ties them together.

I participate in your glory
only by soaking in its drops,
like unintentional dew
in the unintentional morning
that is lifted and settled in your hand.

You, great and mighty,
unburning fire,
are the whisper that seeps through the mountain’s cracks,
and slips into the smallness of my heart.

You, close and clinging,
are the intangible strands of web
that weaves together this life-poem
of which I am a part–

like melodies written down then forgotten
but held in the folds of memory,
we are your creation,
your collection of creatures

and the greatest testament of our greatness
is in the privilege we have each moment
to turn our eyes, unblinking and full, toward you.

The greatest testament of your greatness,
your undefinable undeniability,
is that you were there already,
looking upon us.



Filed under My Faith Journey, Poetry, Theology and Faith

2 responses to “A love poem to God

  1. Your poem is very beautiful! I love God too…He is all to me, I find him everywhere I look, He is in my heart and my soul! I wish that more people would turn to God…

    • mmm, thanks for your words Maria! The depth of your faith really comes through in your comments. I love how you said, “I find him everywhere I look.” That will be an invitation for me today. Thank you for coming by!

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