Magnifying the Lord

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.
(Luke 1:46b)

Microscopic Magnification

In high school, I loved science class, especially biology.

I still remember the magic of using microscopes. Clipping the slides in, adjusting the eye piece, and peering into another world.

How mysterious and exotic was this world that lived tangled up with the world we see. We go through our days unaware of this secret world of tiny things living on our skin and hair.

That’s not to say these tiny things aren’t important: bacteria can get you sick whether you see it or not. When you look at them under a microscope, you see them for what they are – alive and thriving all around us.

Soul Magnification

When Mary said “My soul magnifies the Lord,” she certainly wasn’t thinking about microscopes. Still, I can’t help but be struck by that word magnify.

My soul magnifies my God.
My soul makes visible the powerful (yet invisible) presence of God.
My soul enlarges the spirit of God, which cannot be seen except with spiritual eyes.

We can go through our days almost unaware of God’s presence, as we are unaware of the bacteria, but when we view the world through our soul’s eyes, that presence is suddenly magnified – larger than life.

It fills our whole beings.

Be magnified in our souls, God.
May your sustaining presence become visible in ways we never thought possible,
revealing to us truths that are deeper than human vision.
May you be so large in our spirits that we are filled with you.
May our eyes be opened to the reality that you are indeed alive and thriving within us.

– – –

If your soul were to magnify God’s presence in your life and spirit, what might be visible that wasn’t before? What might be emphasized? What might disappear? How is soul magnification of God’s presence connected to rejoicing?


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