A word of comfort

Here in this Advent space, I am breathing in the words of God. They are rising in my soul like yeasted bread waiting to bake – slowly, steadily, subtly.

I hope, my friends, that you are also finding peace and comfort in the days and nights of this season.

Is there a word that speaks deeper than this:
“Comfort, O comfort my people”?
And this word from the mouth of the God who shepherds us,
who made us His people.
Cry to us, breathe on us, God.
Lift up the valleys of our hearts;
feed our needs as though we are gentle sheep,
unable to make our own way,
unable to carry our own weight.
When you speak “comfort,”
let it be our restoration, our re-building, our upholding.
Show us your steadfast love, God,
in the way the snow falls and quiets the world,
in the way the sunlight filters down through barren branches,
in the way hand-to-hand touch of love quickens our heartbeats.
Speak peace, God, to us your people.
And we will be silent
we who wait on you;
we who know your stillness as we know our own palms;
we who remember you in your ways;
we, the sheep of your pasture.

Spend some time this week with the Psalms and Isaiah readings of Advent — Psalm 80 and 85; Isaiah 40:1-11 and 64:1-9 — and let me know what words and images stand out to you. How do these passages speak to your waiting heart?



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2 responses to “A word of comfort

  1. Jason Gorski

    I gotta go with “in the way hand-to-hand touch of love quickens our heartbeats”. So often I forget how God can be my lover, how he can stir my heart if I only let him. This is a powerful reminder to me going into this season as I can find myself going about everything mechanically, lacking reflection, lacking passion for what this story means for me and the world.

    Thank you God for quickening my heart with your soft touch. For being such a lover, that you came to meet me where I was at instead of forcing me to come to you. I hope that I love in a similar fashion.


    • Thanks for always reading with such an open heart and engaged mind, Jase. This was a beautiful response! Thank you for sharing such a vulnerable piece of your faith. I am praying for passion and connection with the story to be present and alive for you this Christmas!

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