What is it like to wait on God: A Reflection on Isaiah 64:1-9

What is it like to wait on God?

It is like being water over the fire, waiting to boil,
waiting to feel movement rise from deep within yourself,
to change your very nature,
to transform you into something else,
to create energy where none was before.

It is like waiting for the earth beneath to quake,
the looming mountains to tremble –
unexpected and yet awaited
with the awesome power of one word.
The violence may last but a moment, or an hour,
and still its force will be enough to alter creation.

It is like being a leaf in the autumn,
clinging to the last warmth of summer,
waiting for your own strength to fade and let go.
It may come at any moment, that release.
Perhaps the wind’s timing will be precise enough
to carry you to another place.
Or perhaps, your journey will be short, gentle, and downward.

It is like feeling yourself clay in the hands of the potter
— soft, supple, and warm.
You know not how you will be shaped,
only that the change is occurring.
You know not how you will be used,
only that it will be according to the potter’s will.
You know not how to spin the wheel, to mold and form the shapes.
That is for a Master crafter to know and carry out.
All you have to do is feel the hands upon you
and recognize that you are art; you are joy.


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Filed under Advent 2011, My Faith Journey, Poetry, Spirituality

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