Does she need Mary Kay or does she need Jesus?

Recently, on A Deeper Story, there was an excellent conversation about how the church markets itself to get people in the door (read that post here).

I want to highly recommend that you take 15 minutes to listen to “Saving Souls” on The Moth. This brilliantly told story by Jen Lee recounts her revelation that the church may be no better than Mary Kay cosmetics when it comes to marketing technique. Once, while attempting to entice a customer in Target, she got her sales pitches mixed up.

Suddenly I was just thinking, “Does she need Mary Kay or does she need Jesus?”

Her story is funny and heartbreaking at the same time, and it offers some painful questions for the Church. Give it a listen to hear the rest of her story:

Also: If you podcast and you don’t listen to the Moth, you’re missing out. So check it out…

What kind of sales pitch does your church have? Have you ever been turned off by the way a church or a religion advertises itself? What are some creative, honest, interesting ways we can convey what the church has to offer?


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One response to “Does she need Mary Kay or does she need Jesus?

  1. Beautiful Bristol- What a refreshing, light, bright, joyful place you have here! What kind, truth filled words fill it’s pages.
    I am so glad you write- we need your words.
    Thank you for sending the gift of your words to me.
    Much love- Julie

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