Guest Blogger: Evans on Human Destiny

We’re going theologically deep on Diligent Leaves today!

My friend and colleague, Evans, blogs about theology and ministry over at Evans in Seminary. Recently, he wrote about an old WWII-era book on human destiny and dignity that he stumbled across:

Lecomte du Nouy wrote a book in 1947 called “Human Destiny.”  I probably never would have heard of it except it appeared on a used book shelf marked “free” and I’m a sucker for books that (a) have a title with “destiny” and (b) have this quote on the front jacket: “a book of such fundamental grasp and insight as cannot be expected to appear more than once or twice in a century.”  I wouldn’t go so far, but here’s my quick summary and thoughts.

Head on over to his blog to read the rest of his summary and thoughts on some tough theological questions about science, religion, and humanity. And join the conversation…

What do you think about the biological and moral evolution of humans over time? How would you define human “destiny” or human “dignity”? Do humans have free will? Is de Nouy right that anyone who is “afraid of science does not possess a strong faith”?


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