At long last…

… a book review has arrived!!

Perhaps you’ve noticed those neglected sections at the top of the blog: Reading Lists, Book Reviews, and Bible Studies… Well the time has finally come! I have posted the first book review!

For any of you senior pastors, parents of youth, church elders, or youth workers out there… Mark DeVries’ Sustainable Youth Ministry is worth checking out.

Here’s a teaser for you:

Too many churches are looking for a dynamic, top-notch, committed, magnetic, relational, creative, organized, theologically informed, twenty-two-year-old who can present powerful, life-changing messages, and will gratefully work for $23,000 a year… But ironically, superstar youth ministries come from churches that spend their energy creating a climate and building an infrastructure in which moderately gifted, garden-variety youth directors produce superstar results. (44, 50)

Want to read more? Get yourself a copy of Sustainable Youth Ministries by Mark DeVries… Then click on over to the book review and let me know what you think!


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