Poetry and Thanks

Today, a poem and some thanks-giving:

It’s night and windy,
storm out of nowhere.
And it’s been really quiet in my soul.
I haven’t had anyone to talk to in hours.
And I inhale,
and I exhale,
thoughtful and full.
I’m remembering tonight that things will come together
and patience is a hard-won, battle-scarred, well-worn kind of virtue.
I am reaching inside myself for that tiny golden core of courage
and holding it in the shell of my two hands,
And that glimmer of hope looks faint
so that when it arrives
its radiance can be glory and flight.
Tonight I’ll wait and scrape the bottom of that barrel
no wasting if I’m still open-hearted.

“Wild Garden Print” by Aline Yamada, found @ Little Paper Planes

I’m delighted to finally take the first steps on my walk toward One Thousand Gifts of thanks! Thanking my good and gracious God for:

1. A preacher who has finally found his voice after all those late nights, sermon books, and homiletics classes

2. Beautiful summer sunshine making its way to the Bay

3. Generous friends who put roofs over my head and laughter in my belly; forgiving friends who offer grace when mistakes are made

4. An upcoming celebration of a hard-won accomplishment

5.  A new running route

6. Good strong coffee in the morning

7. The reminder to breathe in peace and breathe out love, to live with holy curiosity

8. Scripture that comes alive in my mind, my heart, my life

9. New possibilities, new opportunities, new decisions

10. My piano… and the re-discovering of familiar old hymns and classic Schubert

11. Hope and healing that once seemed impossible finally becoming real



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3 responses to “Poetry and Thanks

  1. -t-

    am delighted to be among the first to witness your beginnings… oh the beauty of gratitude in the counting!
    your list is fantastic… and this:
    7. The reminder to breathe in peace and breathe out love, to live with holy curiosity

    thank you for the sharing as it is a wonderful reminder 🙂

  2. I loved this phrase, “that tiny golden core of courage.” I’m searching, digging around my soul for this.

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