Rain or Shine

It’s been raining a lot here in Berkeley. And by “a lot,” I mean… a lot.

Despite the belief running around the rest of the country that “it’s always sunny in California,” we actually have a rainy season, otherwise known as “winter.”

This winter has been absolutely gorgeous. The summer was unseasonably cold, so I like to think fate has been making up for that with crisp, clear, sunny days. Berkeley has nearly perfect running weather, nearly all year round. The temperature during the day wavers around the mid-60s much of the time, and the air is always cool and beautiful. It rarely gets hot, and it rarely gets really cold.

But for a few months round about December-March, it rains… constantly. And I guess fate felt like it was overcompensating by giving us such a nice winter, so it’s raining again. The kind of rain where you get soaked walking two blocks and the street gutters turn into little rivers that stop traffic and pedestrians alike. Of course, none of this was enough to stop me from braving the elements to walk to the corner bakery and get a cup of coffee this morning. Some things are just too important for rain checks.

The incessant rain, although making running more difficult, has actually brought a lot of beautiful things into my life the last few days: lazy mornings in bed, cookie-baking and red wine in the evenings, plenty of snuggles, and afternoons spent reading and writing. My roommate is about a week away from the due date for her thesis, so I’ve been spending time editing and editing and editing… I remember those days all too well, from finishing my thesis.

Right now, in the midst of the post-grad school transition, my future looks pretty uncertain, and Berkeley might not be my home for too much longer. But it’s days like these that I will miss, Tori and I tucked into our cozy house (that reminds me of a tiny yellow ship), enjoying the beautiful weather of northern California, rain or shine.


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